Are You A Busy Business Owner Who Travels?

Watch the free training to learn how to reduce first class travel cost by 97%, get 10x better value on your points, and start taking your bucket list trips for (almost) free...

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Join Thousands Of Business Owners That Are Fully Maximizing Credit & Points To Get 5-10x More Luxury Travel For A Fraction Of The Cost...

You will achieve real and tangible results: first class flights, hotel upgrades, luxury amenities, and more all while improving your credit score and not lifting a finger.


The average amount 7+ figure small business owners are leaving on the table every single year by not maximizing credit card spending for travel more optimally.

$ 10,000,000

The mission we are on is to help redeem and fund $10M every year for the Freedom Travel Systems community.

Stop Working Hard, Start Working Smart.

Leveraging your spending and points is the way to enjoy the life worked so hard to build.

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How It Works


1. Analyze Your Spending

We will run an in depth audit on the cards you use and what you are spending money on through your business and personal life. We will figure out where you are leaving money on the table and where you are currently overpaying for travel.


2. Build Custom Your Strategy

Now that we have clear understanding of how much you are leaving on the table, we will craft a custom card strategy for you to be able to get the highest possible return on every dollar spent, increase your points, and unlock top status and benefits.


3. Get 500%+ Value On Your Points

This is when the juice really kicks in...this is where you 1M points goes from getting you $6-10k back, to getting $50-$100k from the same points. Our team will help make this happen for you so you don't have to spend time figuring this out.


4. Upgrade Your Travel Lifestyle!

Now it is important to upgrade your everyday travel by maximizing the status, perks, and benefits that we've generated. This means shorter security lines, lounges, free upgrades, free breakfasts, free wifi, free baggage, car rental upgrades, check in/out with better hours... and that's just a taste!

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